RumChata Recipes Vanilla One Drop Shot

RumChata Recipes Vanilla One Drop Shot. Bob Marley

RumChata recipes vanilla one drop shot with Bob Marley vanilla one drop coffee drink. This easy shot recipe is my own perfect Fusion of Bob Marley’s one drop coffee drink and Rum Chata in a two-part Twisted shot glass that blends down your throat as you drink it. So simple yet so good enjoy this RumChata recipe with a touch of the laid back Islands. One sip & everything is going to be all right.

rumchata & marley

Jim Beam Fire

Jim Beam Fire

Jim Beam fire, a lot of people will compare this to Fireball, Cinerator, or Hot Damn ect. Jim Beam fire is a fiery cinnamon bourbon that actually goes down smooth with a nice heated burn. I recommend drinking this on ice or shaking it in a Shaker of ice and then straining for the perfect Icy Hot burn. Either way I think you’ll enjoy Jim Beam fire

jim beam fire

Captain Morgan White Coca Cola

Captain Morgan White & Coke

Captain Morgan and Coke this easy cocktail recipe is by far one of my Staples. For years I was hooked on the regular Captain Morgan spiced Rum. I have never been a huge huge fan of Bacardi rum except for in daiquiris or mixed with tropical juices. So I was a little skeptical to try Captain Morgan’s white rum, to my surprise it was nothing like I expected, I honestly can’t even explain what it taste like but I am hooked and it is a good to drink for me.

Captain Morgan White & Coke


Kentucky French Toast

Kentucky French Toast Shot Recipe

Kentucky French Toast, There’s not too many drinks that you can say that you actually develop yourself but this Fusion of RumChata and Jim Beam fire put a new twist on French toast and I’m not talking about the French toast that you eat, this one is all liquid. This easy shot recipe contains 2 ingredients, ice and a shaker Jim Beam fire and Rum Chata. Hold onto your Lugnuts for this one because this French toast has a Kentucky Kick.

kentucky french toast